Representations clients interests in courts

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  • Legal expertise of documents
  • Gathering, evidence analysis and definition of tactics of the case in court
  • Assistance to clients in obtaining evidence on the basis of a lawyer’s request
  • Obtaining written opinions of specialists on issues that require special knowledge
  • Preparation and submission of a claim or other procedural a document (statement, complaint) to the court
  • Advising clients on the possibility / need for change the subject or basis of the claim, the refusal of the claim, the recognition of the claim, the filing of a counterclaim, suspension, closure of the case, leaving the claim without consideration
  • Representation and protection of the rights and interests of the client in the courts of the first, appeal, the cassation instance
  • Obtaining copies of decisions, rulings, court orders
  • Appeal against a decision, court ruling preparation of applications for review of decisions in connections with exceptional, newly revealed circumstances
  • Legal assistance in the implementation of court decisions in the state executive
  • Service at the stage of appeal of judicial decisions to execution